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Being psychic doesn't have to make sense

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

It can’t be proven to anyone. It may not seem practical, but sometimes you can't ignore that feeling, that inner knowing. If you're trying to make sense of your instincts about something, you’ll miss the chance to receive the valuable information you’re receiving.

It may not be a pleasant feeling, like when someone is lying to you and you know it. Or perhaps a dream you had was so strong and real to you that you wanted to follow its message. It might be inconvenient – here you had all these plans so nicely drawn up, and something within you is telling you to change them, and that something is hard to ignore.

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The day you decide you don’t fit into the old picture anymore

When that day comes, you might feel basically the same as on any other day.

Except you aren’t, something inside is different, and things have shifted for you, forever. You ordered it up, and now it’s here. You’re done with an old picture.

An underlying tone of energy that was inside of you as long as you can remember is suddenly gone. This feels liberating, in a disturbing sort of way.

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