Testimonials from happy people

Kris is a true healer. Whether it is a reading or a meditation class, I walk out with more clarity, confidence, creativity, and inspiration than I could have imagined. I'm a creative person who occasionally succumbs to fear, anxiety, and self-doubt and Kris has guided me through that noise to my find my truth and inner strength.  She is compassionate and nurturing with a sparkling personality.  My reading with her felt more honest and direct than any therapy session I'd ever had.  Her meditation workshop was profoundly grounding and healing.  Spending time with her is a spiritual feast and I cannot recommend her enough. - Laura P.

Within the first few minutes of meeting Kris for my first reading, she blew me away with not only her ability to accurately see the energy in my space, but to see me clearly as well. Her non-judgmental approach to readings with a splash of humor highlighted what I was handling in my life and validated what I had suspected.  Since then, I have taken several of Kris' workshops and classes. She's an amazing soul that I feel privileged and blessed to have crossed paths with in this lifetime. I highly recommend signing up for her inspirational newsletter and podcast. -Arsen S.

Thank you for inspiring me and helping me to guide to be all that I can be. I am much more stable emotionally stable, and your reading has helped me so very much. - Andrea M.

I can't say enough good things about Kris. I've taken her workshops and class series on meditation, healing, and various other topics. She has given me meditation and healing techniques that have changed my life. They have become part of my daily routine and I'm happier because of it. I'm also clearer about what I want and what type of energy I allow in my space. So grateful for Kris! - Jen C.

The best thing about Kris is that she brings her sense of humor with her to her readings and teaching. Not like a shield, but like an expertly crafted spear that gets right to the heart of whatever energy she's looking at or healing. Kris' wisdom, sense of the miraculous, and uncanny ability to make learning about yourself light and fun set her apart as a reader, healer, and teacher. Kris is verifiably the real deal if you're looking to work with someone who is accessible, non judgmental, and fun. -William Pacholski

"You are about to meet a psychic rock star!" Such was the accurate introduction for Kris Cahill before she took the stage for her recent creativity and prosperity workshop in North Hollywood, which I was lucky to attend. 

Her approach to meditation, contemplation, and creating your own future (versus waiting for someone else to make it happen for you) is sensible, calm and wise. If you think you don't know how to meditate, or don't have the patience for it, Kris would be a great place to start. If you want to get more in tune with the thought processes that hold you back or propel you forward, ditto. 

Kris offers a ton of free inspiration on her blog and websites, and podcasts and videos as well. Check them out and you will get a great taste of what she might offer you. -Robin S. T.

“Kris’ guided meditation called Grounding Yourself changed the picture for me powerfully and immediately the very first time I tried it. Doing the grounding meditation, I felt deeply safe and secure… even cherished. And afterward, I experienced a “sea change” in my outlook on life. At that point I knew I had to find out where this could take me, so I joined Kris’ mailing list to receive fresh weekly inspiration – and most importantly, I started meditating daily. It’s now six months later and I’ve just completed Kris’ Psychic Meditation 1 class, which gave me specific tools to use while in grounded meditation. Using these tools daily is helping me to create my life as I really want it to be. And looking back now, I can see that by using the tools and changing what I “feed” with my attention, I’ve already created a much happier life for myself and for those around me… I’m hooked! Kris, I consider you to be a true ally on my spiritual path. You’ve walked this path before me and I can see that you are bringing truth, beauty, and peace to the world. What makes you a shining star in my personal firmament? The way you so graciously reach out and extend a helping hand to others, so that they can do the same.” -Linda Vanzant

“I am SO EXCITED about what I have learned. I am thrilled beyond expectation. I’m excited to work with these tools and integrate them into my life, I can already feel them making a huge difference, and have already noticed ways, big and small, in which they are helping me to be more authentically me. Yay. Creating and destroying roses has been the most thrilling for me for some reason. Like horseradish clearing my sinuses, if that makes any sense. I LOVE it!!” -Sandy Suminski

“Hi Kris, I just had to say…….that was the best meditation class I’ve ever had!!! You are amazing. I rested for 10 minutes and then went to the Cardio Barre for an intense workout. I have to tell you, I felt so empowered based on your meditation class and the my workout:)) I am smiling from ear to ear. I’m looking forward to the next series of classes and training with you.” Love and Light, Gia

“Kris, that was the most profound and wonderful meditation ever! I can’t begin to describe the experience – incredibly deep releasing on so many levels. Energy back now & feel like a whole new person – can’t wait to meditate more & have more space… yay! Thank you so much again & have a really great Sunday!” -Virginia Bowers

“After decades of self-study, yoga, and intense investigation of the healing arts, Kris’s psychic meditation techniques have been some of the most straight forward, practical and fast acting, I’ve encountered. Kris taught me to release pain without moving an inch! I use it daily in my own yoga practice and while teaching others. I am able to see both myself and the work students present me with increased clarity. I see the work Kris does as vital to the health and healing of humanity, particularly in hectic cities where people can easily let the noise bury the voice of their own spirit.” - Liz McDonald, yoga teacher and physical therapist

just wanted to express my gratitude for the meditation tools you taught me. I use them everyday and am making waves of changes in my life to reflect a more authentic self. My relationships, my sense of inner peace, and most importantly my relationship with self is ever growing as a result of this beautiful practice. Thank you. - Ashley Hawkins, yoga teacher