Being psychic doesn't have to make sense


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

It can’t be proven to anyone. It may not seem practical, but you can't ignore that feeling, that inner knowing. Sometimes it’s not a pleasant feeling, like when someone is lying to you and you know it.

Perhaps a dream you had was so strong and real to you that you wanted to follow its message. The information you receive might be inconvenient – here you had all these plans so nicely drawn up, and something within you is telling you to change them, and that something is hard to ignore.

Maybe your gut instincts have been broadcasting something to you. Do you have permission to tune in and listen? Or are you still trying to prove to yourself that your intuition is real? Do you have to keep testing it to make sure? If you're trying to make sense of your instincts about something, you’ll miss the chance to receive the valuable information you’re receiving.

When it comes down to it, your emotions don't make sense either, at least not to anyone outside of yourself. Rational thinking is not the way to approach emotions, because you can't prove emotions either, you need to experience them. By allowing others to have their own experiences without judging whether or not they make sense, you give yourself the space to have the same.

Receiving information from your spirit is also known as being psychic. Being psychic is normal and human, and doesn’t always make sense.

Why ‘psychic’ doesn’t need to be proved, and why you can’t.

The only person you can prove anything to about how you feel and what your intuition tells you, is yourself. Why not have some fun with it by keeping it to yourself and learning to listen? The amazing thing about having your psychic abilities for yourself is that they will work better as you listen to them. If you continue to invalidate the messages and information you receive, it won’t be able to get through to you anymore.

If you want to destroy this valuable ally, go ahead and explain it away. Try to prove it’s real to someone else. That would be about as useless an act as trying to prove how you feel about something. You can explain how you feel, but nobody can ever know for sure that you feel a certain way, nobody that is except you.

There is no one correct way to do anything, another reason it’s simply pointless to play the ‘prove it’ game. Twenty psychics sitting in a room looking at the same thing may have 20 different pictures. This is why it’s helpful to learn to look for yourself.

Because you are unique among all beings, you have a viewpoint that no other being will ever have exactly the same way. This is also the reason why spiritual competition is pointless. Each of us has a unique view, a different camera angle.

Being psychic is not about making predictions and solving problems for others.

I've always found predictions irritating, both on the receiving and giving end. I don't insult someone else's ability to create their life by telling them how they will or should do that. It's far more interesting to say hello to the spirit of another person, and help them to see what they are capable of creating.

Of course, not everyone wants that hello. Some people demand predictions, probably because they don't see that they are already creating their own future, and always have done so. Other people want predictions because they think they need to put their energy into that future, rather than deal with whatever is happening in the present. The problem with this is that the future is always created from the seeds we plant in the present.

Psychic abilities are a helpful tool you can use to create your own life, everyday.

Do you recall a time you strongly knew something, or saw it, and ignored your own information because you gave up space to an outside authority? Do you remember other times when you did listen, and were validated as a result? Maybe it’s a good time to make your own ability to see, know, sense, intuit, your authority.

Rather than seek your answers from others, or look outside of yourself for the “correct” answer, it might be time to look within. Many successful people talk about ‘following their instincts’, or ‘listening to their gut’, and how doing so helped them to create their dreams and make them real.

Can you imagine having all of your senses up and running? If you can, perhaps it’s time to find out what that means for you. You can decide to access your own abilities and use them for yourself. You have valuable gifts to bring, and they begin with you learning about who you are and what you have.

You are a spiritual being in a physical body. You have intuition, clairvoyance, knowing, and other abilities in every part of your being and body. You may have hidden powers you aren’t using yet.

If you’re interested in learning how to turn on being psychic in a fun and safe way, check out my classes. I teach online through Portland Psychic School, and also offer a variety of recorded classes and meditations. Contact me if you have questions or want to know more.

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