Meditation helps you to let go of the fears of others


Here’s another great reason to get your daily meditation practice on.

Being a human being is pretty intense. There is a lot to get through, every day.

Especially during times of great change and upheaval, the level of intensity increases. This time counts as one of those times. Spiritual evolution is upon us, in a great big wonderful juicy way. Being able to let go of what you can't control is a skill to have right now.

Have you noticed that so much of what’s happening out there is out of your control? If you are aware of this, and you’ve accepted it as a fact, you’re already a step ahead of the game.

Meditation can help you to let go of those things you cannot control.

Other people’s fears fall into this category. People choose to do the most remarkable things because they are afraid. They will build entire lives around avoiding fear. Some of the fear they are busy avoiding isn’t even their own.

Then there are those who have perfected the art of using other people’s fears to get what they want. We can call some of those people advertising geniuses, talk show hosts, major corporations, news media, politicians, banks, and so on. There might be some in your own family or at your job who know how to do this.

Whenever there is a wave of fear on Wall Street, the Dow drops, sometimes a lot. Then you will see dramatic photos of traders looking like they are in great pain. Panic spreads across the world, due to losses in what amounts to a game of chance. Do you feel fear when you hear the news? Can it be the next financial shoe dropping?

Or have you already decided that you will be fine, no matter what?

There is an unconsciousness lifting now, kind of like a blanket that’s been covering the earth, and all of us. As it lifts, all of the dusty crawly things that were living in the dark are being exposed to the light. Some of that energy is fear that was hidden. The darkness is being seen for what it is; hatred and abuse are showing up everywhere, so that we can become conscious of them, and choose more wisely.

A new way of life is being born. It’s evolution time. Change is everywhere, for each of us.

Some people choose to respond to change with resistance and fear. Fear in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can help you in some cases. But fear often controls what you are able to have. If you are consistently controlled by the energy of fear outside of yourself, it may be time to look and see if those fears are even yours to begin with. If “be afraid, be very afraid!” is the slogan of anyone near and dear to you, this may be where that energy is coming from.

If allowed to build up over time, fear becomes another blanket of unconsciousness, and will control what you choose for your life. Without knowing exactly why, you will avoid taking the chances you really want to take, the ones that can help you to grow. You’ll be holding out for a ‘sure thing’, or worse, approval from others, before you’ll risk making a mistake.

You can embrace better habits for yourself, and learn how to be safe enough to step up and take a chance being you.

One of the best habits you can create is to begin your own daily meditation practice. Meditation allows you to become more conscious, and to let go of all that fear. Grounding helps you to own your own space, and to release any energy you’ve unknowingly taken on from others around you. This makes it possible for you to do your real work, which is to become yourself. Nobody else can do this for you.

  • ©Kris Cahill
    ‘Sacred’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr