What does it mean to have your space?

As a psychic reader, I often look at the energy of having space.

Sometimes the person I’m reading has lost her or his space, given it up to something or someone else. Other energy has become more important in that person’s space than their own energy, needs, health, desires, dreams, or information.

This is a spiritual choice, and often an unconscious one. A psychic reading is a great place to say hello to this energy so that the person handling it can become conscious, and perhaps choose to let it go.

Currently many of us are working on where we have given up space to money and its ‘value’. When we give greater value to something outside of ourselves, we often undervalue the bountiful riches to be found within.

A good rule of thumb is that when you truly understand that your value comes from within you, outside forces don’t stop you from choosing for yourself. You can create much more from yourself, with a lot less effort.

It’s not about something out there having power over you. It’s about you having power over yourself. This is having your space.

Many people have not experienced having their space. They might not know what it means, or feels like, or even that they have the right to it. They might not know that there’s no need to heal or placate others in the quest to find their own space, yet that is often the first demand that comes in when someone starts on this path.

Imagine: you begin to heal yourself.

You don’t even know where you are going or how to get there, yet something inside drives you. You just can’t keep doing things the same way anymore. As soon as you step onto the path of self knowledge, others notice.

Some of them may applaud, and others will wail and gnash their teeth. Yes, it can get dramatic.

There’s the old story about crabs in a bucket: one tries to escape and the others drag him back into the bucket. Humans do it too. Except that you have the power to get yourself out of that bucket.

Here’s an example of losing your space: you know when you are in need of solitude because you feel so full of other energies that you can hardly think or breathe. Your body feels sluggish and anxious at the same time. Nothing seems to gel, and you’re irritable. You just want to be alone.

Maybe it’s time to kick everyone out so you can find yourself again. No offense meant, it’s what you need.

My personal experience is that some will get it and others won’t. That is not my problem. I know that if I don’t get me back, nothing else works. What I create comes from me, and I am my first responsibility.

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • Image from Unsplash