The world changed forever when you got here


As soon as you showed up, the world became a different place.

Being very small at the time, you weren’t aware of what an enormous impact you were already having. You were too busy figuring out how to have a body.

Though you looked pretty harmless, you were already destroying everything in your path. In fact, your very first act upon arrival was to destroy what had been in existence before you got here.

So the world as it had been, without you in it, went away forever. Everyone around you was affected by your arrival, even if they weren’t aware of it at the time. The people in your immediate world had been preparing for you and anticipating what things would be like when you showed up.

Adjustments were made, your parents went through a time of new growth, as did your siblings, cousins, grandparents, and even your neighbors. The people in your world had to shift a bit once you were on the scene, to create some space for you.

Before you got here you were busy too.

There was a lot of work to do before you were ever born; before anyone else knew about you, you were already creating for your coming lifetime.

None of the circumstances you were born into were accidental. You made lots of agreements before you even got the body for this lifetime. No mistakes were made, it was all part of the plan.

There are things you wanted to do this time around, experiences to have, people to know, skills to learn, karma to clear and karma to create. Spiritual growth was always the reason why. Experiences in a body help you to change, choose, and grow, to learn more about who you are.

There will only be one just like you, in all of time.

When you get to the time in your life when you begin to wonder who you are and why you’re here, that’s your spirit talking. That’s a gift for you, something is prodding you to go find the answers to those questions.

You brought your spirit along with you, and it’s unique, you’re unique. You’re the only you that there is, in all of existence, and you get to do the work of finding out who you are. When you do this, you affect everyone else around you in a profound way, much more than you did by simply being born.

It works like this: you decide to grow, you change, and the world around you does too. After we have gone, the world will be different because we showed up to begin with. Even if you hold yourself back, or you’re hiding, you affect everyone around you in some way. This impact you are already making becomes powerful when combined with your consciousness. As you choose where and how to direct your energy, you create bigger waves around yourself.

In other words, by showing up somewhere, you’ve changed that place, without seeming to do much of anything. Whatever you choose, your very existence already has an impact.

We are fond of wishing for change by demanding that others do it.

“If only so and so would change their ways, we would all be so much better off.” Meanwhile, we keep forgetting that so and so may be here to point something out to us, to help us to learn, grow, and choose to do our own work. You’re not responsible for the changes that happen in the world outside, but you do affect them with your choices.

You may decide to believe that what you personally choose has no effect on others, but if you are trying to control the choices made by others, you’re getting in their way.

Do your own work, without asking for anything in return other than the fact that you get to reap the benefits from doing your own work. If you’re hanging around with people who cannot see you or validate the you that wants to be seen, find different people, those who can.

Find your people, they exist in your world.

If you keep trying to do others’ work for them, nobody grows, including you. Your energy is best directed at your own choices, including practicing non judgment towards others who choose unwisely. It begins with you, but you are not responsible for the whole thing, nor the outcome. Just your part of it is all you need to do.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” -Goethe

  • ©Kris Cahill
    ‘Sea Anemone’ ©Linnaea Mallette at