How your spiritual agreements affect your everyday relationships


The most common questions any psychic is asked are about relationships: past, present, and future.

Though most people want a reading on their current romantic status, or lack thereof, there are many other relationships, as well as spiritual agreements, available to be seen.

These include one’s relationships with family, partners, lovers, friends, workmates, and any exes still in the picture.

Every one of these relationships has its own agreements, beginning with spiritual agreements.

It may never be spoken out loud, but your spiritual agreement with another person exists. You have agreements with everyone you know, as well as with some people you don’t currently know. For example, even if you’ve never met them, you have agreements with your grandparents, and their parents, and theirs, and so on.

This is where it gets more interesting: your spiritual agreements with others determine the kinds of relationships you can have with them, and some of those agreements with them determine what kind of agreements you can have with other people.

This is one example: have you ever had a relationship with a person who was jealous and didn’t want you to have relationships with other people?

If you stay in the relationship with the jealous person without changing the agreement, there will always be resistance towards you having easy fun relationships with others.

It doesn’t matter if the jealous person is your partner, friend, mother, or sibling, what helps you here is to be conscious of the kind of agreement you have with this person. Only you can change that agreement so that it works for you, so that you are clear about whether you want someone to own you like this, or not.

Every relationship you have begins with the one you have with yourself.

All of the relationships and agreements you have with others, yes ALL of them, are lined up to the agreement you have with the most important person in your life, yourself. Relationships and agreements affect your personal life every day, with every person you know and even those you don’t.

Notice for yourself: every time you shifted your relationship with yourself, the relationships you have with other people changed. When you became conscious of something going on inside of you, or you made a change personally, others responded.

You did the work you needed to do without others weighing in on whether it worked for them or not, and you created conscious change.

Consciousness brings change. There you go predicting your own future again, great job!

Do your work on your own most important relationship, and decide to make it a happy validating healthy one. Do the work required to love yourself, to heal yourself from old wounds and hurts. Forgive, let go, release, grow. Even if you don’t know how it’s going to happen yet, you will grow, and you will evolve when you do your own work.

Evolution happens when the old tight rules and borders get stretched and broken. You simply cannot fit into the old box anymore so you dump it. You no longer need to hold yourself back, keep yourself small, blame yourself, beat yourself up, try to fix others, or get stuck wondering why someone doesn’t like you.

When you’re doing your own work, you understand that it doesn’t matter what others think about that. You understand that others need to do their own work too. You can’t do it for them.

Your agreement with yourself determines how others get to treat you. Treat yourself beautifully from an honest and kind place, and you’ll create relationships that reflect this.

  • ©Kris Cahill

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