On having your space in an ever changing world


It’s easy to lose perspective and space when going through times of great change.

Things seems to be moving faster every day, as if the planet itself is spinning more rapidly. Life on earth feels more intense these days, with brilliant miracles as well as big challenges showing up daily.

Because of all this intensity, we can get caught up in whatever is right in front of us more easily. This includes the latest news, someone else’s anger or problems or fears, politics, worries about jobs, money, relationships, and other issues that can take over.

It’s not that these things aren’t important, but they are outside of us. When we fill ourselves up with them, and make them more real than we are, we lose track of our own truth. We give up our space to these outside energies.

When we lose our space to anything that isn’t us, we lose sight of our true self, our spirit. We forget who we are, and we are less effective as a result.

Having your space means that your spirit is in charge, instead of your busy mind or delicate ego, or any energy that isn’t yours at all.

Having your space means that you get to decide what’s on your energy menu for today. What are you choosing to run through you, and does it actually have anything to do with you? Becoming conscious means that you get to be aware of your own spirit, yourself, your power.

Sometimes change feels a bit overwhelming. The amount of energy shifting on earth right now is immense. Transformation is inevitable, it’s constant, and it’s here right now. It’s a great time to become friends with change, and welcome it into your life.

The level of this transformation on earth is such that it opens up and magnifies what we are learning, how we are growing, what we are healing, and also where we get stuck.

All of this constantly changing energy can make it tough to keep your space. You may feel overwhelmed some days, in fear at other times, or even lost and abandoned. As fast as things appear to be changing out there, is as fast as they are changing within you.

When you’re being yourself, you have more space.

Having your space means that you are the most important energy inside of your space, which includes your body and spirit. When the world out there gets messy and loud, you might sometimes feel squeezed for breathing room.

All of that stuff out there makes it harder for you to keep your own energy about you. You’re more likely to lose energy, or become invaded by another energy, if you don’t know that it’s not yours.

When you learn the difference between what is and isn’t your energy, you can choose to release those energies that aren’t yours. You can decide that it’s okay to not have to keep up with everything and everyone all the time. It’s okay to step away from demands that you match yourself to whatever prevailing emotion or vibration is blowing through.

Notice for yourself, where do you lose your space?

In other words, what energies become more important than your own? Do you give up your space to self judgment, fear, invalidation, or pain? You may surrender some of your energy and space to unconsciousness, anger, your job, or worries about money.

If you have a negative self image picture, it will get in your way. That picture will allow other invasive energies a way to get into and take over your space. Pretty soon you are using your valuable energy to respond to that picture, defend yourself against it, and solve it. If you choose to release it instead, you can use your creative spiritual force for something more fun and positive.

You can get your space back again anytime.

When you spend quality time getting to know, love, and forgive yourself, you will have more of you, available to you. When you’re healing yourself like this, you become a greater gift to those around you.

If you want to help create healing on earth, begin by healing yourself. Have your space so that you can have your vision, so that you can give what you’re here to give.

  • ©Kris Cahill
    ‘Cosmic Sky’ ©Teddy Kelley at Unsplash