Whose planet is it anyway?


Can you feel the new changes coming to Earth?

Change is happening within you and me, right now. It's happening within each of us on this beautiful planet we all call home.

As change happens within, as we wake up, external changes follow effortlessly.

Sometimes it gets messy while we change, because destruction is a big part of new creation. There has to be space enough for the new growth to take place, so the old has to go away.

While this destruction is uncomfortable, frightening, and often inconvenient, it's also helping clear the space for a better vision of how we live here together.

If you want to heal this planet and change the energy here, begin within yourself.

Get to know yourself, and love what you know. Just by doing something that simple, you become a healing on this earth. Others will have permission to do the same, because you did.

You have no idea how much power you have, and won’t know, until you decide to use it.

It’s easy to control people who are invalidated, in pain, living hand to mouth. It is no coincidence that health care isn’t yet a human right in this country, and provided free to all. If you are in fear, you are much more easily controlled, and will have less energy to spend on healing yourself.

However, this is the exact perfect time to do so. Believe it or not, all of the hardships being heaped upon the residents of this planet right now are helping each and every one of us to Wake Up.

Nobody wants to do the hard work when everything seems good.

When the experts assure us that the economy is healthy, and we can all shop til we drop, we are simply not as motivated to change. It takes a good shaking up for people to begin waking up.

Who decided it should be this way? We all did. No blaming anyone else here. Look within, and begin to heal yourself. Find out what’s really important to you.

Perhaps we all signed on to be here now for that very reason, to get to experience this lesson and learn from it. To transform ourselves, to become more human and less machine like. To feel, grow, change, love.

If you are reading this and you want to do this for yourself, that is your only responsibility.

Do you first. It doesn’t help to judge others who are not awake yet. They may decide to follow your example. Less effort on your part works. Besides, not everyone wants to do this, and that isn’t your problem.

The primary job of any psychic or healer is to see and heal themselves first. If you have been thinking you need to take care of the problems out there before you do this for yourself, you may have it backwards.

Heal the planet by healing yourself. It truly does begin within you.

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • Image from Unsplash