Bring your spirit to the revolution


Many years ago, when I was in my 20's, my friends and I would talk about the revolution that was to come.

We believed that things weren't right, there was so much pain on earth, and that the coming revolution would make everything fair and peaceful.

Our picture was that things were going to change for the better on planet earth, someday.

We had a vague notion that life as we knew it would have to go away, so that a new way of being could come into existence, and that it might get messy first. But it would be totally worth it because life would become easier and more fair for the people who'd been suffering. Plus all the mean people would somehow go away too.

We believed that our own lives would improve only after the outside world got better.

I'm not sure many of us believed we'd be around to see these big positive changes happen on earth.

Could we really live in a world where human rights and the earth's health would be more important than the never ending striving for wealth and world dominance that seemed to be  the norm? Could we have a world without war?

Would it ever come to pass that women would be treated as equal, smart, powerful beings, with control over their own bodies and destinies? Would we ever live together as brothers and sisters on this earth, treating each other with respect and courtesy? Would all races, religions, and genders ever get along and support each other?

Oh if only the hateful unfair mean people would go away and disappear forever, we could have this!

We knew we wanted to heal the world, but we didn't know we had to begin within ourselves.

All of the pictures we had about this magical revolution came from outside of ourselves. Things would change out there, and everything would get better. Eventually more people would start to see the light, and things would improve. We wanted it to be fair. We wanted to make the world a better kinder happier place for everyone to enjoy.

We got our wish, the revolution is finally here.

It's been going on for a while. It's not the revolution many of us expected, because it's brought a lot of deep transformation, fear, and pain to the surface. It's a lot of work to consciously engage oneself right now with the changes going on all around. An old system is tumbling down, and it's challenging us all.

Not to mention that instead of improving, a lot of the human and civil rights issues appear to be getting worse. Capitalism is out of control, like a big snake eating its own tail, stopping at nothing to have its way. Feelings of powerlessness, anger, fear, and frustration are common. Social media is both a helpful tool in this time of intense change, and a negative control on human behavior.

You can easily lose your space and feel overwhelmed at times like this.

What we couldn't see back then, because we weren't ready to see it, is that all true revolutions begin within, at the level of spirit.

The reason we are having a revolution is because we, the big "we", are evolving. We're doing it quickly, and we're doing it at the level of spirit, those of us who are ready. More people are waking up right now, and it's an uncomfortable sensation, to be sure.

The spiritual evolution we are experiencing is waking people up to the need for deeper meaning, for love, connection, forgiveness, and community.

We are being encouraged to finally let go of our need to control everything and everyone in sight. We are being encouraged to forgive each other and ourselves too. This means we have to do the deep dark difficult work of forgiving, especially if we were the ones being wronged and abused.

The old systems we lived under divided us, and that happened from the inside out.

"Us against Them" is the game that's divided us all. This new creation we are creating, individually and together, is about connection. Connect the dots within your own self, within your spirit, and you start to find your answers about how you want to live on earth.

If you are evolving and waking up, you're also done with the false divisions in the outside world. Love begins within.

Your responsibility in this time of revolution is to have your own, within yourself. Yes, communicate with others and connect and get active, by all means, please do. Every little bit you contribute helps. Small daily actions lead the way.

But remember to begin with your spirit. This is where your true power and truth live, and if you come from spirit, you won't fail.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one.   -John Lennon

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • Image at Unsplash