What if life is a party and you’re invited?


If you want to enjoy the celebration of life, you must show up in person.

It’s hard to enjoy yourself at a party when you don’t feel well, or are grappling with major issues in your life.

You don't feel like being the life of any party when you don't feel good. You don't want to be around people at all, much less a lot of them in a social situation. Your first inclination is to go home, crawl into your bed, and stay there until the storm passes.

Nobody could blame you for this, but it’s just not party time for you right now, is it? And to enjoy the party, you have to be there.

It’s hard to be fully present while going through challenging times.

When you’re committed to growing and changing, it won’t always be easy. When you're letting go of energy that isn't your own, sometimes you want to hide out and preserve your energy. You simply feel too sensitive and vulnerable right now, and you need some space.

Something's changing within you, and you feel like hibernating. There's nothing wrong here, you're growing, and you're giving yourself the time to let that happen.

Then all of a sudden, life becomes lighter and easier. The storm has passed, the sun comes out, and your reality changes. You feel alive again, even more yourself. You feel like playing again - it's time to join the party!

Your energy has returned, and it's a brand new day.

When you release energy that's not working for you, you have space to have more of your own energy available for you, in your daily life.

Have you noticed that when you feel well, music sounds better, colors are brighter, everything seems richer and fuller? It’s a lot less effort to create what you want, and things flow easily. That’s because the spirit of you is more fully present, and you are able to experience and access your feelings, senses, and abilities.

Your body’s senses are more alive and awake when you are in your body. You can look in the mirror and see your body looking back at you, but that does not mean you are in it.

Your body is always in one place, the present moment. However, you the spirit can be in many places at once. You can be scattered across your whole life, and way out into the future too.

You may have already decided as a being that right here and now is no fun, so you stay away from yourself. You’re off creating in the future, or at a party in the past, one you judged to be much more fun than here and now.

By the way, it’s a B.Y.O.B.*

The problem with this is that if you stay in all of those places instead of coming back here, you will not have the energy you need to change your present time reality. This is the place you do that, right here and now.

So if you are wondering where you are right now, find your body. You might want to begin by saying hello to it, and starting to listen to it. If you create communication with your body, you will be richly rewarded.

You have much to celebrate every day at the party that is your life.

*Bring your own body.