The personal is political is spiritual


Your consciousness changes the world in which you live.

When you decide to wake up and become aware, that simple action changes your world.

Once you do this, you’ll find it difficult to go back to sleep and ignore what’s happening around you, or worse, pretend it isn’t. Even if it’s hard to know, it’s harder to be unconscious.

We certainly live in an illuminating time, which isn’t to say that it’s easy here on earth. Whether you believe in mixing your politics with your spirituality or not, you can’t deny that life on earth is changing at an increasingly faster pace in the 21st century.

I wanted to heal the planet.

I’ve been a spiritual teacher, healer, and clairvoyant since 2000. Before I began to grow my own awareness and develop my spiritual abilities, I was politically active. I marched in anti-war demonstrations, served on progressive committees, painted peace signs, and spoke to other people about peace, ending discrimination, and creating a better reality.

I wanted to fix everything and heal the world, and often felt a sense of helplessness about how this could ever happen in my lifetime. The energy of responsibility for making things better weighed heavily in my space. I was unconscious about how much energy I took on with this.

Becoming spiritually conscious helped me become stronger as a progressive voice on this planet.

As a clairvoyant, I learned to see for myself how creating more consciousness within, transforms reality outside. I experienced this for myself on many levels, and continue to do so.

I also learned the important truth that it isn’t my job to fix everything and heal the world, but to do my work, and help others to do theirs when I am able. This is how we, together, create a happier world.

Today, more than ever, spirituality needs to be grounded in the world, and into the reality of this world and what we are creating together here. In present time, in the body right here and now, we need our spirits.

The choices we make for ourselves on the inside completely affect how we choose to be in the world: how we treat others, where we give, how we vote, and how we make a difference.

It’s become much more important to have ways to deal with the ever present transformation and discomfort that come with the new realities happening all over the world, and it’s helpful to have a sense of spirit through the changes. Bring your spirit to the party and it gets easier. Get to know yourself better, and you bring healing to others too.

I run into people from time to time who believe that mixing politics with spirituality is somehow unclean. This seems so funny to me, it’s a contradiction to how life works. Spiritual growth is always preceded by an awareness, an awakening, a consciousness.

As we change from within, our priorities shift, we change our culture, and we evolve.

One important point: when I say spirit, I am not talking about religion, especially patriarchal religious systems that go out of their way to exclude women from any positions of power. One does not need religion to be spiritual. Your spirit is your business, your choice, and you don’t need a middleman.

One can be spiritual and not align to a particular belief system. Those who blindly follow a belief system without checking to see if it is true for them cause much damage here on earth - especially if that belief system claims it is the only way and has all the answers, and anyone who doesn’t adhere is a devil/criminal/heretic (pick one). The separation of church and state is crucial for a healthy democracy.

With all of that said, I know and love many people who find comfort in the religion they follow, and I wouldn’t try to talk them out of that for the world. Maybe their belief is how they find their connection to spirit. That is their business. They get to see it their way, and I get to see it my way. Democracy.

Even with all of the divisiveness we see on earth now, there is an equal amount of coming together.

The reason for this is clear to me: we are collectively breaking through the controls that have kept us apart for so very long. The division between genders, races, religions, nationalities, are all being breached due to our ability to know anyone on the planet who can connect online.

This connection worldwide is important, more than ever. The lies that have kept us apart and fighting wars against our fellow human beings are being seen for what they are. These wars begin within.

I know it feels like the opposite of this is true, that everything is bleak and falling apart, that fear and hatred and war are ever present. The difference lies in the areas to which we can no longer remain unconscious.

In the United States, this includes police brutality, gender discrimination, and the horrors and abuses perpetuated by a greedy economic system. Climate change, fracking, crumbling infrastructures, never ending poverty for many communities, abuse of immigrants, the rising of white supremacists, and of course, the NRA’s stranglehold on our political system.

Your participation is crucial. So is your consciousness.

The signs of a great big spiritual transformation are everywhere. The success of and great need for the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as Bernie Sander’s political reform movement, are just two signs of great big change on earth. Millions of Americans are disillusioned by the old politics as usual system, and not enough of the people in this country who can vote bother to do so.

What a wonderful opportunity to become enlightened about what’s happening here, and to get involved in the change.

The violent hate groups running amok in the United States would prefer that we are all too frightened to go out in public and meet each other, get to know others and become friends. When you look beyond the mainstream media, read books, talk to people from other communities, and make it your duty to find out what’s going on, you become more powerful.

Find a way to give, participate and step out of isolation. Best of all, get to know yourself better, and to grow your relationship to your spirit. Create a happy loving relationship to yourself, and change the world. It really works.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.” -Jim Morrison