A clairvoyant looks at your aura

You have a certain aura about you.

You are more than a body, you are also a spirit. Specifically, you are a spiritual being in a physical body.

You have a spiritual space, an energy field around you, called the aura.

Your aura is the first thing other people see, even before they see your body. It may not consciously register for them, but there is an awareness of you as an energy.

You are also aware of other people’s auras and energy, even if you're not conscious of being aware.

Your aura contains a lot of information about you.

Where you’ve been, how you are growing, where you’re stuck, your body’s health, how you communicate, what you came here to do, your relationships, past lives, and much more, can all be seen in your aura.

A clairvoyant reader giving you an aura reading might begin with looking at the different aspects of your aura, and telling you what she sees there, One way to do this is to look at the colors around you, the colors that are your energy, and also the colors that aren't yours.

To a clairvoyant, energy can be seen as color, pictures, and symbols.

A skilled psychic reader can see the difference between your vibrations of color, or energy, and those that are in your space, but aren't your own. Your energy can be seen in your aura as colors and pictures that have to do with you.

There are seven layers to your aura, which correspond with your seven main chakras. The first layer of your aura is closest to your body, and contains information about how you are creating survival and safety on earth. Your first chakra is connected to this layer, and contains your ability to create survival and safety.

A clairvoyant giving you an aura reading will look at the layers in your aura and read the energy there about how you work with survival and belonging; emotions and feelings; what you do with your energy; love and affinity; expression and communication; clear seeing and clairvoyance; knowing your own answers, and having your truth.

You are a unique spirit, one of a kind, and how you create on all of these levels will be different from how anyone else does it. An aura reading can validate your spirit.

When you heal your spirit, it's easier for your spirit to heal your body.

Sometimes other energies get caught in your aura that are not you. Other people’s emotions and pain, your job, demands on your energy, stress, toxic energies, spiritual agreements, and other energies that aren't yours, can all show up in your space. The energy that's not you doesn’t work well inside of your space, and can weigh you down. You can't solve it, and it can get in your way and clog things up.

An aura reading is healing in that you can become aware of what else you carry around with you, so that you can choose to let it go if it’s not yours.

When your aura is in health, and you have your true vibration of energy present, it’s easier to have a healthy happy body. You feel well, and have enough energy to do what you want to do. Your life can feel more on track. Your dreams may also be more enjoyable.

When you decide to heal yourself, it is valuable to begin with grounding yourself and listening to your body. Simple is good. Having an awareness of your own energy can be both fun and rewarding.

Here’s a simple exercise to try:

Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, and send a hello within yourself to your body. Create an energy connection, a grounding cord, from your body to the earth and allow yourself to release any energy you’ve been hauling around that doesn’t feel like yours.

Now create a bubble of energy all around you, about two feet all around your body.

Fill it with your favorite color, or colors, (use color, not white light). Allow it to be all yours. Notice how your body feels when you do this. You can also ask your body how it likes this. Enjoy!

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • Image found at Unsplash