Healing yourself is possible and within your reach


You have the power to heal yourself.

Healing yourself happens when you consciously choose, every day, how you'll spend your own energy.

This includes making choices about how you treat your body, which foods you eat, how much stress you hold onto, and what kinds of relationships you have in your life.

When you decide to make your own health a priority, healing happens.

Rather than give that power over to someone else, you get to decide to be the one in charge of you. You become conscious that you are the one in charge of deciding to heal yourself. Consciousness heals.

What it takes for you to heal yourself may be quite different from what it takes for me, or for anyone else. You are unique, and have your own answers as to what works for you. There is no right or wrong answer, no "one size fits all" in this equation.

Learn to let go of other people’s energy around healing.

At times you may handle energy that tells you what you "should" do to heal properly. This can make it more difficult to decide which steps to take toward your own healing. Sometimes it is a well meaning friend, family member, or neighbor who, without meaning to, throws a little bit of fear into your space.

If you are going through an illness, often other people's fears about your illness can find their way into you, clouding your vision and ability to trust yourself. It could be a news report you saw, an article you read, or something an 'expert' told you was true, that throws you into doubt about what your own body and intuition tell you that you need.

I've learned (sometimes the hard way!) to make self-healing the focus of my life and work. I see self healing as a creative act, and like all creativity, it's not static or perfect. I've had to learn how to listen to my body, to speak my truth, and to let go of being responsible for healing the world, in order to heal myself. I'm still working on it, but I'm pleased with the results I've achieved so far.

The healing power of your spirit

Everything you have in your life right now, you had a hand in creating. By making the choices you've made, you've created what you have now. It all begins with you, the spirit, deciding to take action. Deciding is powerful, and when you decide to heal, you create healing in a unique way for yourself. Becoming conscious of your own healing power may be one of the most validating actions you'll ever take.

When you heal your spirit, you make it easier for your spirit to heal your body. If you're able to have a peaceful communication between you the being and you the body, healing yourself is much easier.

You the spirit can be in many places at once, accomplishing great feats quickly, without effort. That's how spirit works, and you are that capable. Before anything becomes real or manifests, it begins as energy, spirit. By becoming aware of energy and learning how to work with your own, you change what you manifest. This includes your health.

Listening to your body

When you listen to your body and to yourself, you begin to find the answers that work best for you. You do have that much power. When you listen to yourself without judging what you hear, you can choose more consciously, which helps you to create a new world for yourself. Even if you're not sure of what your choices are, just asking yourself the right questions can help guide you toward your healing.

What are the right questions? You'll find them by being honest with yourself, and by listening.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you have to work with in your quest to learn about who you are, listen to yourself, and heal. Meditation is also a great time to ask yourself questions, and to learn what those questions are to begin with. When you ground yourself in meditation, you give your body a way to release unwanted energies that are uncomfortable for your body.

You the being can take on so many energies, and unless you become aware that the energies you take on affect your body's health, wellness, and energy levels, you may wonder why you're always getting sick, losing energy, or feeling off.

If you're interested in learning how to practice grounded meditation and begin to experience healing yourself deeply, check out my classes and recorded meditations on this site. The Psychic Meditation Class teaches many tools you can use to ground, protect, and heal yourself.

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