Your inner voice is how you communicate with yourself


Your inner voice allows you to hear your own wisdom, and can help you navigate your way through life.

Your inner voice is a valuable part of you that can help you create a place of peace and inner knowing within yourself, when you make space for it.

Because life is often complex, sometimes there's so much energy coming at you that it's difficult or confusing to hear your own inner voice clearly. There are countless demands on you in any given day, especially on where you direct your attention. This includes who and what you listen to and what you are able to hear.

When you find yourself on the roller coaster of over-thinking or obsessing over negative fearful thoughts, you are running something through you that isn't your own energy. Worrying isn't the same thing as listening to your inner voice. Too much worrying eats up your energy and space, and soon you're not able to hear your own true voice.

What happens when interference gets in the way of communication?

If you are trying to listen to your true self, running those thoughts through you is like trying to communicate clearly with another person and constantly getting interrupted. This makes it difficult to have your communication get through.

Imagine you are having a conversation with another person, a loved one, acquaintance, someone you work with, or a stranger you just met. This conversation is important to you, and you want to communicate clearly, and avoid misunderstandings.

You have something meaningful to say, and you desire a clear flowing communication.

Now imagine that there is a steady stream of interruptions and disruptive energy getting in your way while you are trying to deliver your message to this person. Your intentions for this communication may get sidetracked, making it difficult for you to get your point across.

In other words, some other energy came in with its own agenda, knocking your best intentions out of the way. How likely is it that your communication came across the way that you intended?

This same situation happens within your communication with yourself when you have many conflicting agendas vying for your attention. Which ones will you listen to, and which one is you? Do you even know?

What changes when you choose to listen to your own inner voice?

When you take the time to create a clear direct path of communication between you and yourself, you benefit by receiving your own wisdom, your intuition and knowing.

Meditation, stillness, being in nature, spending time alone, and choosing consciously to simply be without the need to do anything at all, can help you listen. When you stop and breathe and listen, information shows up that you might have missed in all of your busy-ness. Brilliant ideas appear, and difficult decisions become clear to you.

Knowing who you are is one of your tasks in your life, one of the things you set out to do. You are a unique spirit, one of a kind in all of time. When you choose to clear up the communication within, you create space for yourself to listen.

©Kris Cahill

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash