What happens when you match to the energy vibration of the world around you?

You have the ability to match to a wide range of energy vibrations.

There's an endless assortment of energetic choices available daily, and everyone of us has the ability to work with one energy vibration or another. Or maybe a few all at once.

An energy vibration is a tone or range of tones of energy. Everything and everyone has energy, it's everywhere you look. You can run the energy of your family, a friend, someone you saw in a movie, or a problem you're trying to solve.

You can match to a happy vibration, a serious tone, or even run the energy of the pain you see on the nightly news. Despair and hopelessness are two more choices, as are inspiration, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Each person has the ability to run energy within themselves, and right now you are running energy. The energy running through you affects how you feel, and depending on where that energy came from, your ability to have your own enthusiasm, joy, peace, healing will be affected. Your energy can change instantly. You can shift to another vibration in no time at all. The question is, what are you choosing to run through you?

Your own vibration of energy is unique.

Your vibration is set by the energy that's running through you, and the range of emotional notes is limitless. It's fun to have choices - like playing a piano, the song is more interesting when one has command of the entire range of notes.

Did you know that your own vibration is truly unique to you? Your blend of energy is what makes you, you. When you know yourself and love yourself for being who you are, you have no competition anywhere. Yes, it's fun to match to other people and energy. It's even more fun when you know which one is yours to begin with, so you can get back there again.

If you find yourself feeling lost amid the energies around you, take the time to find yourself, to heal yourself, to grow so you can become. You have everything you need already within you, and if you don't know that yet, do your work so you can find out for yourself how very wealthy you already are.

You are not going to change the world by matching to its pain.

Healing can't happen when everyone is matched to lower vibrations of pain. One of the best ways to bring healing to others is to have space with the pain. You won't change other people's minds and actions by running their pain through you. There is plenty of pain to go around, and there always has been.

This doesn't mean that you don't care, or that you ignore what's happening around you, or that you judge the pain. It means you have space with the pain so that you can have the energy you need to take the actions you choose. It means you become an example of how not to unconsciously match to all that pain out there, so you can help transform it.

Matching unconsciously is what controls want us all to do, because if we don't choose the vibration we run, something else will choose it for us. You healers and empaths and compassionate ones, I'm talking to you. Nothing around you has the chance of changing if you are stuck in the pain.

It's not unkind, disloyal, or wrong of you to feel good when there is so much pain. By the way, there will always be pain.

Matching to energy is something we do, as people.

Matching to happy energy helps you create more of what you do want. It gives you the creative energy to do the work. You feel more energized when you're in a lighter happier frame of mind. Possibilities seem more, well, possible.

It's really fun to be at a party when you're in a party mood, and feel good matching to the celebration. If you're not in that mood, being at the party won't be as much fun for you.

You're not wrong, and neither is the party. You're more interested in running other kinds of energy - maybe you feel like having your space and reading a book. Reading a book is also about energy. One reason readers tend to have a favorite genre to read within, is the energy. They enjoy the feeling they get from reading romances, mysteries, and horror, history.

Meditation helps you choose your vibration consciously.

The earth has an energy you can work with to heal yourself. Nature helps us match to a happy grounded vibe. The earth's vibration is healing for your body and soul. When you ground yourself to the earth, you have a way to release those energies you picked up that aren't yours, and that you can't solve, control, or change.

Grounding yourself is one of the best ways you can start to know who you are, and to see for yourself what happens when you let go of all that heavy pain energy you picked up along the way. Your whole vibration will shift, as will your outlook on life.

Meditation is a transformative tool that you can work with to change the way you see yourself and your energy. It's best when practiced daily.

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • Photo on Unsplash