About Me

I’m a psychic reader, healer, teacher, and artist based in Los Angeles, California.

I teach psychic meditation, energy healing, and clairvoyant classes to students worldwide, online and in person. Since I became a professional psychic in 2000, I’ve given thousands of readings to clients of all ages.

The making of a psychic

In 1999, I began the journey that led me to where I am today. I signed up for a six week psychic meditation class that, quite literally, changed my entire life for the better. I’d spent much of the previous year knowing I needed a change, but didn’t know how to achieve it. I knew that I wanted to learn to ground myself, but had no idea how to get this information. For many years I’d known that I could heal myself, but it wasn’t until after I began my psychic training that I saw how my own healing could become real.

Before this major turning point in my life, I was the person who would try to heal and help others, often to my own detriment. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was extremely sensitive to the energy of other people. I could feel their pain, and I would often ‘know’ what was going on with them before they told me. This was not a comfortable experience, and it was very unconscious on my part. I didn’t know how to control this for myself, so I tried to heal everyone! Needless to say, that didn’t work so well for me.

You can read more about my journey to becoming a happier conscious psychic and healer on my FAQ page.

Psychic classes

I teach at Portland Psychic School, in the online training program. This year, 2019, I’ll be teaching Psychic Meditation classes, a yearlong Clairvoyant Training, Being Psychic at Work, and Planetary Healing Workshops, all in live online classes. You can be anywhere on earth and show up for a psychic class! Visit PPS to learn more.

I'm an enthusiastic practitioner of the tools I teach, and am grateful every day for all the helpers and inspiration in my life who got me to my first meditation class. Learning how to ground changed my entire life, for the better. This is one reason why I'm committed to teaching others how to work with energy and be psychic. I bring these vibrations along into the psychic classes and workshops I teach. I do my best to inspire others to see that they can create their lives to be how they want them to be.

I believe that it is up to each of us to do this, to create our true lives. When we do our own work, we help others do it for themselves too, and so we evolve and heal. Creativity, consciousness, and amusement inspire me – this is where magic happens.

We are having a brilliant rebirth on planet earth, no less than a r/evolution of the highest order. I’m excited to be here for this incredible time of transformation. What will we decide to create?

Psychic readings

I give clairvoyant readings and healings to clients throughout the week. You can come see me in person, in my Glendale CA office, or we can work together online on FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom, or you can have your session by phone. You can schedule your session through my online booking. Book a session with me.

I’ve seen people create miracles for themselves by deciding to become who they really are, listening to their bodies, finding their own energy and answers, letting go of what no longer serves them, and living in their truth. This is how we heal, each of us individually and together as a community of human beings on earth.

I see that you are a capable being. I know you have the ability to heal yourself. I see that you are able to create your life to be how you want it to be. It’s not up to anyone else. If you really want it, it’s yours. I’m not in judgment of how you decide to become you, and I can help you to see your way there.

You can, and already do, create your own future, and when you open up your consciousness to create for yourself, you also do this for others. Your life’s path, answers, and choices are not pre-determined or limited. Becoming conscious of your own spirit helps you to find your way and know your answers. Consciousness = big growth and beautiful change!

Psychic writer

I write about being psychic in your everyday life. Located on this website, my blog is organized with articles about energy, clairvoyance, meditation, spiritual growth, being psychic, energy healing, spiritual activism, and more. I’ve been writing posts and articles since 2010, and there’s a lot of good stuff to look through on this site.

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