10 easy ways to ground yourself


Grounding is a tool you can use to make yourself safe and relaxed.

Grounding yourself helps you to release anxiety, depression, stress, pain and fatigue. You can more easily let go of the past, make your body happy and calm, and give yourself the permission to create what you want.

Once you learn how to work with this valuable tool, It’s available for you to use anywhere, at any time. When you ground yourself, you can create stability and safety for your body. This makes it easier for you to feel well in your body, which then makes it possible for you to have enough energy to create your life.

Grounding has been around for eons - it is literally as old as the earth. Earth energy is grounding for bodies, and if you want to feel safe in your life, you need to include your body.

As a tool, grounding is taught in some yoga and meditation classes. My favorite style and technique of grounding is taught in Psychic Meditation Classes. This style of meditation and instruction is visual, experiential, fun, and it deepens and grows as you practice using this technique.

When you have grounding first, it makes it possible for you to practice other techniques and information safely. Grounding makes things real, makes your body real, makes it possible for you to manifest what it is you want in your life.

Grounding makes it possible to release energies that get caught in you that are not yours. When you let go of the energies you take on that have a negative effect on your body, you can heal yourself. Having a tool that allows you to let go is nothing short of miraculous. Grounding itself is a miracle.

Here is a short list of easy ways that you can find grounding for yourself, every day.

1. Learn the technique of grounding. Take a meditation class with a grounded instructor, one who is able to show you how to create your own neutral grounding for yourself. Grounding is a specific tool, so ask first if you are not sure about the techniques being taught. Use your own intuition on this one too. A grounded meditation will help you to get into your body more. This is the point of grounding.

2. Practice meditation with grounding, daily. Do it before getting your day going, and try it again before retiring for the evening. A regular grounded meditation practice can actually help you to sleep better at night, which is crucial to your healing. Your body needs this time to rejuvenate, as does your spirit.

3. Get your body moving. Breathe, stretch, walk, jog, jump rope, walk a dog, skip, roller blade, bike, hike, garden, do yoga, go to the gym, run, swim, dance… but get up and do something. Your body needs to move and stretch. Exercise helps you ground.

4. Watch what you eat. Pay attention to what’s actually in your food, and pay close attention to how it affects your body. If your diet consists mainly of empty calories, sugar, caffeine, and fat, you will have a difficult time grounding yourself or feeling well. On the other hand, grounding yourself consciously can help you to become aware of what your body actually wants you to feed it. When you begin to listen to your body, you begin to heal yourself.

5. Get out in nature. Everything you have, including your body, came from the earth. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer, get out and remember that there is an earth and that you are part of it. Just being in nature can be a healing and grounding experience. What kind of nature do you love and long for: forest, mountain, desert, ocean? Go there without any agenda. Just be.

6. Have a good attitude. If you find yourself surrounded by negativity, whether your own or that of others, step away from it. Separate out from the negativity, and remember it’s not you. Find gratitude, joy, happiness. Notice what it is you have created for yourself, notice the many things you have already, and let go of that bad attitude.

7. Live from your truth. Remember, your truth is not necessarily anyone else’s. You may have forgotten what is truly yours because others demand you live by their truth. On some level, you already know your own truth. Grounding can help you find more of it, and you can also ground into your truth.

8. Find fulfillment in your life. This goes along with living in your truth. If you are feeling fulfilled, your life will never be boring. Remember the phrase, “what you want, wants you”. It’s never too late to learn a new skill, take the class, write the book, learn the dance, paint the painting. If you are really bored and lost, volunteer. Help others in some way, and you will gain so much more.

9. Stop blaming others for your problems. This is a game you cannot win. Perhaps someone has done something nasty to you, but if you allow that to stop you from moving on and creating your own life, that is your choice alone. Forgive, let go, free yourself and move on. You’ll be amazed at how much energy this gives you.

10. Create some happy relationships for yourself. Find others of like mind who you can talk to about what really interests you. Join a group, take a class, learn something new, step off the beaten path and explore your world. There are loads of interesting and wonderful people out there. Having fulfilling relationships is validating. This makes it easier to feel real, alive, happy, and grounded in your own life.

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • 'Trees' image from Pixabay