Being in present time with your clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly.

You are made of energy, as is everyone and everything that exists. When you use your clairvoyance to see your world, you see beneath the surface. This helps you to become aware of and understand things others might miss because they are only seeing the surface of things.

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is true for everyone you know, including you.

The greatest clairvoyant ability is to see yourself clearly. This will be impossible to do if you are in judgment of yourself, and only look at your faults, mistakes, or at what you think you’re missing.

When you create a present time, validating, self loving picture of how you see yourself, the world will respond to it. The world will also respond to any negative self images you walk around with. If you insist on waiting for others to prove to you that you’re worthy before you decide you are, you may never know your own value for yourself.

Even when others around you tell you how wonderful and amazing you are, you might not believe them because you can’t see it for yourself.

Creating positive self image pictures begins with you.

Being present with yourself where your life is happening – right now, can make or break your goals and dreams. If you’re caught in an old past time self image picture, especially an invalidating, self negating picture, you’ll find the present moment locked away from you.

Until you decide to come back now, and learn to see yourself clearly, without judgment, self punishment, or negativity towards yourself, you’ll have a difficult time creating what you want to have now.

If you decide to live more in the present time, instead of lurking in the deep past, or jumping ahead into the brighter (you hope) future, you will have the energy you need to actually create that future. The place you create the future from is right here in present time. Why not do it with a new, positive picture of who you are?

  • ©Kris Cahill
    Image on Unsplash