How does meditation help you with being psychic?

The word Psychic is traditionally defined as 'of or pertaining to, the human soul'.

A modern definition of psychic would add: 'being psychic means being sensitive to and aware of, energy'. Psychics read the energy of a person, place, event, or situation.

Being psychic is natural and human. Each of us possesses the ability to be psychic, though not everyone is aware of having it, or even wants it. There’s a lot of baggage, ie; energy, on being psychic and what it means.

Energy is the stuff we are all made of. It's in everyone and everything. Every place has its own energy, as does every human being and creature on this planet. We are each unique, and it's our spirit, our energy, that makes that so.

Since everything is made of energy, and everything begins as energy, this means that everything you have or create begins with energy too. Included in this list would be your health, self image, relationships, money, career, creativity, level of happiness, and so on. Our economic system is energy, as is our political system. Consumerism is energy. Art, music, dance, and theater all have energy. A capable psychic can read the energy of any of this.

As you become conscious of the energy around and inside of you, you develop an awareness of yourself.

This makes it possible for you to create your life to be how you'd like it to be, instead of unconsciously accepting whatever energies come your way. Being conscious means you choose your energy.

If you are sensitive to energy, you might feel what others are feeling, or you have gut feelings about people and events that come true. Perhaps you know what others are thinking or what they need before they tell you. You may feel such sensitivity to other energies that it's difficult to fully live your life. When your sensitivity to energy is so pronounced that it's uncomfortable to be you, it could be because you don't know which energy is yours, and which isn't. Or you don't know how to protect and own your space so you're not being constantly invaded by other energies.

You can learn to protect yourself, to make yourself safe, and to gain control over your abilities. Psychic abilities include intuition, empathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, mediumship, knowingness, and more.

How does meditation help you to be psychic?

Meditation is a way to know more about yourself, and find out who you are. It's having a conversation within, and finding stillness and peace there. We are constantly driven outside of ourselves, often without stopping for a break from the maelstrom that is modern life. It can feel like one is swimming upstream against the current on those days when there is a lot of energy to handle in the world.

When you take time to meditate regularly, and in particular practice grounding and awareness of energy, you give yourself more space as a result. When you are moving non stop through your life, it's easy to lose your space, and your energy along with it.

Learning the difference between your energy, and the energies you've taken on that aren't yours, is priceless.

Once you begin to let go of energy that isn't yours that has been sitting in your space, you will lighten your load, heal your body and spirit, let go of pain, and free yourself up to create what it is you do want. Once you become conscious of what you've agreed to let yourself have or take on, you can decide to change the rules you live by, in order to make it easier for you to be you.

Grounding yourself, replenishing with your own energy, finding neutrality within, letting go of energies you've taken on that aren't yours, knowing where your own energy is and defining your boundaries, moving the blocks out of your way, and effortlessly manifesting - are all things you can learn to do. The Psychic Meditation Class is a good beginning on this path.

Back to meditation and being psychic.

As you become more conscious of energy, and in particular your energy, it’s safer and more fun to turn on and access your psychic abilities. Everything begins with grounding and being safe, including having your abilities working for you. It's difficult to open up to those sensitive levels of being psychic if you're afraid you'll take on energy that might hurt you.

Your psychic abilities are precious resources that exist for you to work with, and to create your life with. Each person will have access to their own abilities in a unique way, and when you embrace being psychic as a normal, fun part of life, you open up to having more of you. You make it easier to effortlessly create what it is you want to have in your life.

Being psychic is all about having your spiritual growth too, and that's where your real journey begins.

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