The Psychic Meditation Recorded Class

The Psychic Meditation Recorded Class


The Psychic Meditation Class is a 5 week recorded class. This class teaches you meditation tools and techniques to help you develop and become confident in your own psychic abilities. Included throughout the class are examples of how to use this information in your daily life.

Psychic means having an awareness of and sensitivity to energy. Being psychic is normal and natural. You were born this way. The more of your own energy you are able to have, the more you can create for yourself, without effort. As you become more conscious of how energy affects you, you also begin to heal yourself, turn on your abilities, and clear your path.

The class builds with each new week. You are encouraged to complete the class in the 5 week time frame, though you can certainly do this at your own pace.

You will receive a new recording each week. Included when you purchase this class is a downloadable recording for Week 1 of the class.

This recorded class gives you techniques and tools that help you:

  • Have an awareness of energy, including your own energy.

  • Create grounding for yourself so that you can feel calmer and safer.

  • Let go of unwanted energies; replenish yourself with your own energy.

  • Become centered and focused.

  • Have an awareness of your aura. Learn how to ground and protect it.

  • Protect yourself from outside energies.

  • Learn how to feel more relaxed while also feeling more energized.

  • Have the things you want, come to you.

  • Learn about being in present time.

  • The techniques taught in this class will help you learn how to heal yourself.

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This brilliant class will give you the tools you need in order to turn on your own psychic abilities safely, and use them in your own life, every day. This class includes: five 90 minute class recordings, one each week for five weeks. You’ll also receive weekly practice meditation recordings, and review pdf's.

If you have any questions about this class, please email