Spiritual agreements are part of everyday life

I was first introduced to spiritual agreements in the spring of 1999, when I joined the clairvoyant training at a psychic school in Chicago.

I joined the training because I wanted to learn how to turn on my own clairvoyant abilities safely, so that I could see and read the energy of people, situations, and most importantly, myself.

One of the first agreements I changed within myself when I signed up for clairvoyant training was an unconscious belief that I couldn’t turn on my own spiritual abilities. I believed that those abilities were only for special people who knew they were psychic, and therefore magically knew how to use their abilities effectively without any training at all.

Meanwhile, as long as I could remember, I was fascinated by energy and the information beneath the surface of ’normal’ life. I always seemed to be healing others and helping them feel better. I was sensitive to the energy around me, and aware of things others missed. I was already a psychic, I just didn't know it.

One Halloween, before I ever heard of clairvoyant training, my husband and I were invited to a party at the home of some of his workmates. I didn't know anyone there.

I went to the party dressed as a fortune teller named Madame Kiki, complete with a pack of tarot cards I’d found in a thrift store. My husband went as the 'scariest food in America', a block of tofu. His costume won us tickets to a Bears football game, which was way scarier than his costume, but I digress.

The year was 1997, a couple of years before I started clairvoyant training. Up to this point I had never meditated a day in my life or even considered (consciously that is) being a healer or a psychic.

Anyway, at the party I gave people ‘readings’ all night with my pack of thrift store cards, which I now know was the Morgan Greer deck. I liked the cards because the images on them were interesting and colorful. It was all for fun, and everyone knew I wasn’t a real tarot reader. Yet people kept saying to me, ‘how did you know that?’, and ‘yes that’s true’.

I was seriously making stuff up, just playing. And this is where something clicked for me. I was seeing pictures, and saying things from the pictures I saw. I had no idea I was playing with my clairvoyance.

Fast forward to late 1998. Through a series of ‘coincidences’, I met a woman who taught at a psychic school in Chicago.

She invited me to come see the school and get a student reading, which I did. I liked what I saw and felt, and got a great reading by people who were still in their own clairvoyant training. Something inside me said YES, and I signed up for the psychic meditation class that began in early 1999, the prerequisite to the clairvoyant training.

Taking this step was an exciting journey for me. Little did I know how much I would open up for myself, and where I could take my own abilities. I could not foresee that I’d be teaching and giving readings, and helping others to discover themselves through the use of their own abilities.

I couldn’t see that there might be a much better way to help other people heal than by taking on their pain as my responsibility to fix and solve.

I had no idea that the spiritual path I was stepping onto would help me free myself from so much I’d carried since childhood. I couldn’t imagine how much fun it would be to see clairvoyantly, to turn on this ability and use it to create myself.

I had no idea of my gifts.

When I chose to turn on my ability to see clearly, I changed countless agreements without even trying. By choosing to look without judgment, I made it possible to make conscious choices in my own life about what I’d agree to have, do, and become.

Upon joining the clairvoyant training, I was asked to sign a detailed agreement.

This agreement clearly spelled out what I was agreeing to do while a clairvoyant student, including daily meditation, showing up for classes and student readings on time, and abstaining from taking recreational drugs while enrolled in this training.

I was fine with all of this, in fact the agreement clearly stated what was expected, and this made the training feel safer and more real as a result. The conscious agreement created by the director of this school was also a spiritual agreement I made with myself.

The lesson I received simply from reading this agreement and signing it, made a significant impact on me. I’ve used that lesson within myself many times over.

As I went through my clairvoyant training, I learned to see and read the spiritual agreements that others had made. I learned about working with forgiveness and finding my own truth in each agreement I had signed up for, and about bringing old agreements into present time.

I became conscious of some of the many agreements I had made with the people in my life, and also with my ancestors, family group, body, and every aspect of life. What did I agree to have, do, give, and become? I was amazed that I had made so many agreements of which I was yet, unconscious, that would affect my day to day life in so many ways.

Simply put: we all have agreements. Agreements are part of everyday life.

They are neither bad nor good, agreements simply are. The karma you have with others is often about the agreements you’ve made with them. The question is, do you have agreements that work for you?

Every honest lawyer or psychic will tell you that all agreements are negotiable and changeable.

We make new agreements daily, we change old ones, we rearrange, end, and negotiate them. The agreements each of us makes with ourselves, our bodies, families, friends, health, money, abilities, creativity, relationships, work, emotions, communication, politics, and so much more, are powerful influences on our daily lives.

Agreements are part of daily life for each of us.

Contracts are written legal agreements, but spiritual agreements aren’t necessarily written down on a piece of paper.

Because everything we create, have, become, and know is decided by the (sometimes unconscious) spiritual agreements we make with ourselves and others, you might say that spiritual agreements are behind everything.

Well, they are. Fortunately we have free will, consciousness, the ability to change, let go, and forgive, creativity, self healing, and other helpful tools and skills that allow us to more easily change our agreements so that they work for us.

You might be starting to look at the agreements in your life right now.

Here’s an example: imagine meeting a friend for lunch, and telling your friend about the communication problems you’re experiencing at your job, where it seems nobody honors the agreements they verbally made just last week. You’re at a loss as to what you can do about it, and you’re fed up.

Who’s in charge of the underlying agreements at your job? Do you have permission to speak up and ask for change?

Then there’s the issues that come up like clockwork in your family, where it sometimes seems like everyone keeps reading from the same tired old script, nothing changes, and nothing heals or gets resolved. (Agreements with family - what happens when you get rid of the old role you’ve played?)

Everything you experience in your relationships is based on the agreements you have with others.

Those agreements begin with the ones you have with yourself. When you consciously change, i.e.; do your work, get healthy and fit, make new decisions, and choose to grow, you’re changing your old agreements with yourself. When you change jobs or careers, your self image, or decide you’re not putting up with certain behavior from others or yourself anymore, you’re rearranging what you’ve agreed to be, do , and have until now.

You choose to set the ball in motion. This isn’t about anyone else, though others may inspire you to change based on how they have been seeing you or treating you. Other people are our mirrors, and if you don’t like the reflection you see, you can choose to change and become who you want to see in the mirror.

The other people in your life now have the choice of lining up to the new you; celebrating you for taking positive steps; trying to make you go back to how you were; getting angry and punishing you; ignoring your changes; or walking away.

You are not a victim here. You never needed permission to change yourself.

The simple truth is that we have no control over anyone else, but we can choose to have control over ourselves. When you tell yourself the truth about the agreements you have made, and consciously do the work necessary to adjust those agreements so that they are true for you, you change your life. When you change yourself, you help others do the same.

Consciousness = change in motion. Become conscious and make waves of change happen all around you..

  • ©Kris Cahill

  • Image from Unsplash