What does being psychic have to do with being in your body?


Being psychic has meant many things over the eons since psychics came to be.

Merely say the word out loud, tell someone you’re a psychic, or that you’re going to see one, and immediately that person will have a picture of what that means.

They may be interested, frightened, or skeptical, tell you it’s not real, or ask you to prove it. They might tell you about their experience with psychics, or psychic abilities.

One thing I’ve learned about being psychic is that you don’t need to prove it, and you don’t have to explain it away. You can’t prove it anyway, except to yourself of course. How? By knowing your own abilities, and using them in your daily life.

The truth is that everyone is psychic, and this includes you, me, your next door neighbor, and the guy who bags your groceries at the local store. Not everyone knows they are psychic, or wants to know. It’s a choice to decide to turn on your abilities, and each of us has them in a unique way.

Psychic abilities are creative abilities. This is how you, as a spiritual being, create.

So, back to all of those pictures people have about being psychic. One of the main pictures I had about psychics when I was growing up is that they channel other beings, and leave their bodies behind to do this.

This is one reason I was frightened of being psychic. Oh yes and, that talking to dead people thing too. Plus, some of the psychics I saw or met seemed so out there, so ungrounded. I didn’t see being psychic as being something I wanted to do.

That was before I had my first reading, and received a brilliant spiritual hello, the likes of which I’d never had before.

Suddenly ‘psychic’ took on a whole new meaning for me. The possibilities opened up in front of me, and I awoke to the realization that there was a lot more to life, and to me, than I’d believed. There was also a lot more to a psychic reading.

A quality psychic reading isn’t about making dark warnings and predictions, or telling you what ‘will happen’ to you. A lot of what will happen to you is your job, and a good clean psychic can help you to see you more clearly. That’s the point of getting a reading.

That reading began my journey to discovering so much about the power of my own spirit, including that I could heal myself and create my life from my truth.

Bring your body along for the journey.

This was all exciting and great, but I knew there was still an important piece missing. I found out what this was when I joined a clairvoyant training: it was my body. In order to really turn on my abilities and have them, I had to own my body, and be in it.

This meant everything to me in terms of being safe enough to have my abilities on and running, letting go of other people’s energies so I could access my own, and creating health for myself.

Your body has everything to do with the quality of your psychic abilities. Being psychic in your body is a different matter than being psychic outside of your body. Being psychic in the body means you can access the abilities contained within your spirit and make them real, in the body.

The ramifications of this are enormous: what if you could access your healing energy and use it to heal your body?

Or use your clairvoyance to see yourself, body and all, clearly, and with love?

The old world psychic is often pictured as floating outside of her, or his, body, of not being fully inside the body. Many people still have the picture of the old time medium, channeling some other energy than their own, completely vacating their body and being psychic through some other outside or invasive force.

In other words, the picture that psychic abilities come from somewhere outside of ourselves, still exists.

Another favorite picture of mine, is that psychics are on 24/7, kind of like a vending machine. Nope, not true. Yes, I am psychic 24/7, but I am not giving you a reading and I do not see and know everything that is going to happen. That’s just not my job.

That’s boring, and also exhausting, and just not true, in my world. Yes, I am always psychic, because I’m human. By the way, you are always psychic too, and you are human. Being psychic is natural and normal to being human. You can be psychic and be in your body with your abilities. In fact, it’s a lot more fun to do it this way.

The shift that’s happening on earth is helping more people to turn on and access their own abilities on all levels.

These abilities include clairvoyance, healing, telepathy, intuition, mediumship, empathy, clairaudience, and more. These are senses, like the original 5 you already know about.

Having the ability to hear or taste can enhance your experience of life, and help you gather information about your world. Your sense of smell is in your body, and also connected to memory, emotion, and more. Your sense of touch helps you in more ways than you are ever conscious about.

Just take a moment and think about how much you depend on these senses. Can you imagine your life without them? Even if you lose one or more, the others will be there to help you fill in that information.

Having any of your psychic abilities on and working can do the same.

The trick is to have control over those abilities, so that you are running them, instead of them running you. Being invaded by energy you cannot control and may not even be conscious of, can take over your abilities and make it difficult for you to access them for yourself.

When you know what your energy is and where you are, you become a force. That’s a beautiful thing.

One of the main reasons to even turn on your abilities to begin with is so that you can use them in your life, to grow spiritually, to create. When you have the commitment to do this in your own body, you become a much more powerful psychic and healer.

©Kris Cahill

‘Winnie’ ©Karas Cahill