What don't you know that you don't know?


What are you not aware of not being aware about?

What's never crossed your mind? Until suddenly it does, and you realize you didn't know this before. Maybe you realize it was there all along, and you couldn't see it yet. What don't you know that you don't know?

Once you know it, everything changes. You change, you consider making new choices. Everything around you looks different, as if you moved to a different camera angle.

A clairvoyant would say that you've blown a picture, and are now able to see through to what was invisible to you before. 'Blowing a picture' means you've pulled your energy out of an old way of seeing, one that was real for you, but not your actual truth in present time.

Once you pull your energy back from what's not your truth, you can see more easily and clearly. When you're working from your true energy instead of through a set of pictures that aren't yours, it's simpler to see what's real, and what's not. You're becoming conscious.

What if you're not ready to know?

This includes the following: what don't you have to see? What are you not expected to know or care about, and what doesn't your family or group want to know or see?

Do you get to know for yourself, even if they won't or can't? Are you disloyal if you even look? Is it clear to you?

If you start digging around to find the truth you're seeking, some people are going to get angry and upset with you. This is not unusual. Keep digging.

An old system gets to stay put if you won't look or choose to know. 

Your unconsciousness keeps an old set of pictures in place. 

When you find yourself stuck or in problem solving mode, ask yourself these magic questions: what don't I want to see, what am I not ready to know, and what or who am I afraid to see? Bonus: what am I avoiding becoming conscious about?

These are tough but helpful questions. When you choose to see and to become aware of something, you will find your way there. You can have access to a new set of pictures, which include ideas and opportunities you may not have considered previously.

Suddenly you are willing and able to seek information that was always there, but you couldn't see it before. Now you can, now you're working from consciousness mode. This is how evolution works.

This is clear across our entire culture - some folks are ready for a whole new way of living here on earth together. Many others are holding onto the old pictures for dear life. And still another group has its head in the sand pretending that everything is fine and "someone else" will fix it all.

Once you know that you know something, your knowing creates change. If you ignore what you know, the energy of it will still be there, waiting for you to acknowledge it in your life.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha

©Kris Cahill