Grounding yourself can help you turn on your psychic abilities


Grounding is a tool you can use to connect yourself to the earth.

Grounding helps you to have safety within yourself. When you and your body feel safe, it's much easier to turn on your psychic abilities.

Grounding is one of the primary techniques taught in psychic meditation classes. It's simple to learn and practice grounding, and to use it in your daily life.

Psychic meditation is a form of meditation designed to help you develop your psychic abilities safely, and heal yourself while doing so.

How does grounding work?

Your first chakra is a key part of grounding yourself. When you ground, you create a connection from your first chakra, which is located at the bottom of your spine, to the earth. You can allow this grounding cord connect you deeply into the earth.

Your first chakra contains your survival abilities. This includes being safe and stable, and affects your job, home, body, money, and ability to manifest and make your dreams real. When your first chakra is validated and well, it's much easier to turn on your other abilities. When you don’t feel safe, you won’t want to turn on the more sensitive psychic parts of yourself.

By using the technique of grounding, you create more space within yourself, and open up a myriad of possibilities. Grounding is a technique that continues to grow for you, the more you practice it.

Some of what you can create for yourself includes the following:

Protect yourself from unwanted energies.

When you consciously ground yourself, you can release any energies you take on from others, just in the normal course of living your life. This is especially helpful if you happen to be sensitive to energy, if you work with people in a healing capacity, or work with the public a lot.

Have peace within yourself.

Agitation, stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety do not come from your own true energy. Your own true energy, when in health within you, creates a sense of calm and peace. Grounding can help you have this within you.

Have access to your psychic abilities.

When you ground yourself, you are safe enough to have your own natural abilities working for you. Your psychic abilities include your intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, communication, and mediumship, as well as your healing abilities.

Be certain about your next move.

Grounding can help you clear out doubt or confusion about taking a step. Sometimes that doubt is not even yours, it comes through other people and may have nothing to do with you. By releasing that energy, you can have your own natural certainty.

Have permission to change.

Grounding makes it safer for you to change. Even while going through times of great upheaval and change, grounding can make it easier for you to be safe while doing so.

Stop being a pushover.

Literally, stand your ground. When you ground, it’s harder to push you in directions you don’t want to go in. It is harder to control you when you have your own grounding.

Heal yourself.

You can use grounding to release energies that create illness, disease, fatigue. Your own true energy does not create those things. You can let go of the energies that do.

Trust yourself.

Grounding makes it easier to know who you are, and to trust yourself. You can let go of any invalidation in the way of you having trust for yourself, when you are able to ground.

Sleep more soundly.

Release the energy of your day before retiring for the night; you will sleep better, and wake more relaxed.

Know your own energy.

Grounding yourself regularly will help you begin to know the difference between what is truly your energy, and what isn’t. When you have this awareness, it makes it easier for you to discern between which are your problems to solve, and which aren’t.

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