I’ll have my non-judgment with a side of kindness please


As a clairvoyant student, I was trained in the art of non-judgment.

In order to see clairvoyantly, it is necessary to look without judging.

Non-judgment is also called neutrality. The ability to see neutrally is already within each of us, and we can decide to use it.

Looking at something or someone without judging means that it’s easier to see what’s really there. My clairvoyant training reminded me that I had the ability to see without judgment, and as soon as I began to work from this part of myself, my clairvoyant ability developed into a beautiful gift for my daily life.

As I developed this ability, it became easier to let go of my inner critic, and to give myself a break.

This awareness meant that I was now free to release the judgment I handled from simply being a person on earth. This is an ongoing process that has everything to do with self acceptance and self love.

It’s so much easier to grow and create without a negative inner voice weighing me down. I work on this everyday, as part of my own spiritual growth and awareness, and when that negative inner critic shows up, I access the non-judgmental part of myself.

Amusement helps enormously. Your amusement is located in the same place you access your neutrality from. If you can look at someone or something neutrally, and have your amusement, you have a great chance of seeing clearly and accurately.

If you have your amusement with yourself or your current challenges and problems, you’ll find it easier to see your way through them clearly.

We each have the ability to reprogram the inner critic, the self judgmental voice within.

We are all taught from our earliest moments in life to judge people and situations around us. Some of what we are taught is meant to protect us, and to help us to navigate successfully through life. As we become adults, our job is to look at this kind of programming clearly and decide if it works for us or not.

Some of what we are taught is unconscious.

You learn how to judge yourself unkindly by watching your parents or other people in your life judge themselves. You also learn from advertising and TV shows that want you to believe that you’re missing something important, and that the products they are selling will get it back for you.

If you don’t fit into the prevailing group you are from, you’re probably handling quite a bit of judgment. If nobody can see you, the real you, you may think there’s something wrong with you. More judgment.

The other kids on the playground were taught to judge too.

Like you and me, those kids grow up and become adults who judge. You handle judgment at work, in your neighborhood, at school, walking down the street, driving in your car.

If you step away from a group you once belonged to, you may be seen as a threat. A person or group that judges you is simply afraid.

Some judgment is just mean spirited, meant to isolate and punish you because you walked away from, or don’t fit into the prevailing group. You have been tried and found wanting somehow, and so you are judged. Which only means that the group either can’t or won’t, see the real you.

So you get to see yourself, with as much love and kindness as you are able to have. If you are not in judgment of yourself, judgment from the outside will not stick to you.

Neutrality, kindness, and compassion, work well together.

Yes, you can have your 4th chakra turned on, as well as your ability to be neutral. It is possible to see clearly and have compassion. Neutrality does not mean cold, unfeeling, and unkind.

Yes, it’s hard to stand by and watch others make a mess of things, or of their lives, to be precise. It’s hard to not jump in and “fix” it for them, to reserve judgment on them.

It’s so difficult to not be in judgment of those who seem hell bent on destroying themselves. It’s hard to find compassion for them, and to allow them to have their own journey.

The judgment might be that you feel sorry for someone, or want to heal him or her, or try to make some tough situation okay again for somebody who’s going through it. Without meaning to, you might slide right into a space where you’ve judged the situation of the person in front of you.

It’s really hard to not be in judgment of mean people, of people who say and do unkind things, of those who set up their own little fiefdoms and abuse their power.

Remember that in order to see anyone or anything on a clairvoyant level, it is important to look without judgment. Judgment will cloud your vision. Judgment can send you right into a critical part of yourself, and once you go there, your clairvoyant magic is gone. You cannot see clearly.

But this is where you get to practice a deeper level of non-judgment, with kindness. And this is where you grow spiritually, and see with more awareness.

©Kris Cahill
‘Luminous Split Sky’ ©Lynn Greyling on PublicDomainPictures.net