Building a world begins with a clairvoyant picture


Being clairvoyant allows you to create pictures.

You can build an entire world around a clairvoyant picture. That’s how your own world was built.

You create pictures everyday, effortlessly. From the time of your birth – and long before then – you worked from a picture. Your body has pictures of how it needs to function, your emotions and feelings include many pictures. You are constantly being reminded, through pictures, of what is ‘real’, and what you should do, be, think, feel, or buy.

Life is a visual experience, even if we refuse to see. There are pictures everywhere – inside of us and out.

You came to this lifetime with pictures of what you wanted, who you’d be with, and what you’d get to experience. If you have a sense of missing out on something in life, it may be because you aren’t having what you came here knowing you wanted to have.

You could be living a life that looks successful according to popular wisdom, meanwhile knowing inside that you really want something else. If so, you’re living in a picture that’s not yours to begin with, one that you invested your energy, and yourself, into.

You’re living a life that’s not your own.

Every new picture can lead to a new creation.

Put enough energy into a clairvoyant picture, build on top of it, and soon you have a new reality, created from that picture. Create your own pictures, consciously, and soon you have a life you want to be living, instead of one that doesn’t feel like it’s really yours.

Rather than ask someone else to predict your future for you, you're creating it yourself. You're using your own clairvoyant abilities to create your life.

The trick is to make sure that the pictures you are creating your life from, are pictures that are true for you. All you need to do is give yourself permission.

If you try living your life based on someone else’s view of how it should look, you will always feel like something is missing. The something that’s missing is your own energy. When you become conscious about which pictures you are living by, it’s easier to step out of the ones that do not serve you, and may even harm you.

For example, take the well known picture, “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”.

Sound familiar? That’s how the U.S. signed onto a war in Iraq, on the basis of a picture that turned out to be a lie purposely created in order to get everyone to sign onto the Iraq war. Which we’re still not out of, even though the lie has come out.

Imagine the world we would live in now, if we had decided it wasn’t worth getting into another costly needless war. What if we had the picture that it would make more sense to put the money into education, infrastructure, and health care? That’s a very different picture to live by.

Apparently enough people were in agreement that there should be a war. The picture was that we wouldn’t be safe unless we went to Iraq. Enough of us chose to believe that picture to make the lie our reality. To support an illegal war, those old warhorses 'America is the greatest country' and 'Support our troops' were dragged out and paraded for all to see.

The picture underneath all of this is that “it’s us against them”. “They” are all of those people whose language and religion and customs we don’t understand, so they are suspect. “They” are not like us, so we have the right to go destroy their country and kill their people.

And so from a picture, we have created a world that is even less safe than the one we lived in before we began this war.

Every picture you create or sign onto in your own life, can create a world that you live in.

What is happening now is that many people are finding their carefully built worlds falling apart, crumbling at the seams, turning to dust. It’s a rough and tumble time for many right now.

The old pictures are going away. The millennials are taking over, just as every generation before them did, and there are new pictures being created. This means that you and I have to adjust.

We have a magnificent opportunity to create an entirely different way of living. Another word for this is ‘evolution’.

A suggestion: take some time this week to look at the pictures you’d like to see become real in your own world. Give yourself permission to create new pictures that you would like to live in, and that feel true for you. Become your own personal clairvoyant.

©Kris Cahill
@Jen Loong at Unsplash