You can't teach someone how to be an artist


You already are an artist, by virtue of being human.

Being human is a naturally creative experience.

You're creating from the moment you wake up in the morning. Actually, you're creating all night on the Astral too. Your life is a creation. What will you create today, and what are you creating right now?

Creativity is a natural part of your existence. Every choice you make is a creative act. It all begins with choice, including the choices at hand as well as those you can't yet see. Create often enough and there are more choices. If you live your daily life in a creative way, choices are endless.

Nobody else gets to decide whether you're an artist.

You are always making art. You can choose to turn on your creativity and make your own art, anytime you like.

Your spirit is an artist that creates you and your life. It’s your job to become who you are, and to learn what that is. You are unique in all of time, and nobody else can create you, except for you. This is your job, to find out who you are, and to become yourself.

Nobody else has the right to tell you whether you're doing it right, either. It's so easy to judge how another person is handling their life. It's harder to imagine yourself in that person's shoes, and to let them make their own choices.

This means you don't get to judge how others are making their art, either.

It is not other people who get to decide whether you can call yourself an artist.

When I was in art school, a fellow student declared she didn't deserve to call herself an artist... yet. She felt she hadn't paid her dues. I asked her, 'do you make art?'. She told me, 'yes, but that doesn't make me a real artist'.

I respectfully disagreed. She had a picture that others outside of herself needed to see her as an artist first before she was allowed to call herself one (ie; see herself as one). She wanted the approval from outside of herself, for others to 'vote her in' to the artists club.

She was buying into the hierarchy created by a culture that had declared itself in charge of deciding who is in and who isn't. Pick me!! I found her attitude invalidating, to say the least. If this is how she saw herself, it meant she was seeing the rest of us the same way. The lack of permission around that attitude is repressive, and very anti-creativity.

Anyone telling you that you haven't earned the right to call yourself an artist is missing the big picture of how we all create: with Spirit.

"Making art is too important to be left only to art professionals".

-Fred Beshid, Museum of Fred

Included in your spirit are your abilities, many of which are psychic and healing abilities.

These abilities are a natural normal part of being human. Nobody can teach you to be psychic, because you already are. Being consciously psychic is an art form.

Turn on your psychic abilities consciously, learn how to control them, and you can use them in your daily life. When you have the space to live your life your way, you can access these abilities and use them, in turn, to create more of your life your way.

If you insist on comparing yourself to others and how they have their psychic abilities turned on and running, you might stop yourself with judgment of how you are "supposed" to be psychic.

You already are psychic. Your abilities are within you, and the way you experience energy is going to be your own unique way.

Your spirit needs enough energy and space in order to make it easy for you to create your life. See yourself as an inherently creative being, and give yourself permission to create!